25 Random Things About Me

1. If I could eat soup everyday for the rest of my life, I would.

2. I have a terrible addiction to candles and perfume. They are my two weaknesses.

3. It is disgusting how much money I spend on books each year. If I told you the amount, you might judge me and never read my posts again because of how much I read.

4. I am a workaholic. I am constantly working, and I can’t stop. It’s a problem.

5. The number one goal I have in life is to help other people. If I died unsuccessful, poor and alone, but I helped at least 100 people; I would die happy.

6. I am Italian (if you couldn’t tell by my name), and I am in love with the Italian culture.

7. One of my favorite pastimes is to volunteer.

8. I am fluent in Spanish and “working knowledge” of Italian.

9. I collect magazines.

10. If I could meet one celebrity, I would want to meet Lauren Conrad. Not because I was obsessed with The Hills, but because I think she’s hardworking and doesn’t receive half of the credit she deserves.

11. I love pickles so much that I drink the juice from the jar when the pickles are gone…And the judging begins, now.

12. When I was in first grade I thought people were allowed to choose their heritage, so I said I was Chinese because I loved Chinese food.

13. I broke my nose by running into a mental birdbath while playing hide-and-go-seek in the dark when I was eight-years-old. I still have the scar on my nose, and the birdbath is still in my neighbors yard across the street from my house.

14. I am a saver, not a spender. To be honest, my mamma frequently calls me a tightwad.

15. My biggest flaw is that I care too much.

16. I believe that family always comes first. Without family, there is nothing.

17. I am constantly thinking about the future. I suppose you can consider me to be an anxious person.

18. Eighteen is my favorite number because I was born on the 18th, and it’s my lucky number.

19. I have an ugly laugh. It’s loud, obnoxious, and I can’t control it.

20. I love being outside. I love walking, going to the beach, running on trails, jet-skiing, kayaking. If it’s an outdoor activity, I am all for it.

21. I have an unhealthy obsession with the rain. Whenever there is a thunderstorm, I sit on my back steps and listen to the storm until it passes.

22. I embarrass myself on a daily basis, and the amount of klutzy things I do is absolutely pathetic.

23. My eight-year-old nephew, Donnie is the most significant person in my life. I love him with all of my heart, and I would do anything for him.

24. I was always considered to be a nerd, but I don’t mind. Nerds rule the world, right?

25. I want to travel the world and experience all the beauty that exists on earth.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me, and I promise this is my last post for the day.


One thought on “25 Random Things About Me

  1. So…………..rain and books and pickle juice and candles and magazines…………we must be related Ki……………….Aunt Christine in AZ

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