Mini Pamper Evening

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After a long week of work and running errands, I like to give myself a mini pamper evening; It’s a great way to relax at the end of busy week.

My two first essentials to begin my mini pamper evening are candles and tea. I always have a candle burning while I pamper myself. Not only does it give ambiance, but the fresh scent allows me to unwind. I also enjoy sipping Green Tea during a pamper evening, it’s rich in antioxidants that are beneficial for your body.

The two areas I focus on during my mini pamper evening are my skin and nails. I like to give my nails and skin extra “TLC” after a stressful week.

First, I remove my makeup using any makeup remover cloths. I have recently been loving Olay Fresh Effects makeup remover cloths. Then, I’ll wash my face with my daily face cleanser. My favorite face wash is Cetaphil’s gentle skin cleanser, it’s a great product that will wash away the dirt built up in my pores from the day and it won’t irritate my skin.

After, I’ll apply any face mask to my face and allow it to dry on my face for about twenty minutes. The face mask I used is the Pulped Pomegranate Passion Peel Off. I purchased this at my local grocery store (Tops or Wegmans) but you can use any face mask you’d like.

While the mask is drying on my face, I like to do my nails to make the time go by faster. I’ll clip and file my nails normally and apply a cuticle treatment to my nails when they are freshly cut. The treatment I use is from Burt’s Bees. After the cuticle oil sets in, I’ll wash my hands with a body scrub to exfoliate my hands. Finally, I apply a moisturizer to my hands and arms. The lotion I used was Bath & Body Work’s Pure Paradise.

When twenty minutes has passed, it’s time to peel off or wash off the face mask you applied to your face. What I love about the Peel Off Passion mask is that it will peel off in one chunk on your skin. It’s nice because you don’t need to scrub it off of your skin like a mud-based mask, which can irritate your face.

After I have finished, I’ll end the night by reading a book before bed. I’m currently reading, Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson. (I was considering a book review for it).

Have a great weekend!


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