Two Outfit Ideas For A Summer Date

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Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday (only two more days until the weekend, yay!) Today I wanted to share two possible outfits that you could wear on a summer date.

The first outfit is a casual look if you’re planning on going on doing an outdoor activity. I love planning summer dates outside when the weather cooperates and it’s sunny and warm. Some of my favorite summer dates are hiking on trails throughout a park, mini golfing or climbing rocks near the beach. Whatever you plan to do, if it burns calories and you’re having fun with a great guy, it’s probably going to be a perfect, summer date.

For my casual outfit, I wore my denim, high-waist shorts from GAP. I absolutely love this pair of shorts, not only are they high-waist, but they also aren’t too short. They’re my go-to denim shorts for the summertime. I paired these shorts with a casual, light-weight t-shirt from American Eagle. I prefer to wear my t-shirts tucked into my high-waist shorts because it looks more flattering on my body. To complete the outfit, I added my navy blue canvas sneakers from Target, which I am completely obsessed with and I want more excuses to wear them throughout the summertime. This look is casual and comfortable, which is important if you’re going to go out biking, hiking, or any other outdoor activity.

The second look I created for a summer date is perfect if you’re going out for ice cream, or if you want to look a little more dressed up for the date. But, I wanted to make sure that the outfit was still comfortable, so you won’t feel overdressed or awkward during the date. I paired this nautical-inspired skirt from American Eagle with my red, embellished top, which is also from American Eagle. To dress down the skirt and top, I decided to include my red canvas shoes from Target.

I know guys, I am OBSESSED with these canvas shoes, I cannot help it! They are incredibly comfortable and they work well with every outfit. I love them, it’s an addiction, and I apologize.

Because the red top has embellishments along the neckline, I decided that a necklace wasn’t essential for this outfit, but if you wanted to add bracelets or rings to complete the look, do your thing, chicken wing.

I hope you all enjoyed my outfit ideas for a summer date! Let me know if you have any requests for future fashion posts. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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