Puppy Lovers, unite!


Hey Everyone! In addition to my beauty post today (which I will post later today), I wanted to share some news with you all. The other day, my mamma decided to get a puppy! Exciting, right?

Let’s back it up a little bit to March, 2013.

Ebony, my dog that I had since I was nine, passed away in March. It was by far the most difficult day that I remember because I couldn’t say goodbye since I was still away at school.

When I came home in May, my house felt incredibly empty without Ebony to greet me when I walked through the door. Whenever I was home alone, she would stay by my side until someone came home. Now, whenever I was alone at the house, I truly felt alone.

Mind you, I have a cat named Mittens, but I will never love cats the way I love dogs. I am a dog lover, love it or hate it, dogs are amazing, and cats are just, meh.

Two months without Ebony around, my mamma and papi started talking about getting another puppy because they felt empty and alone without her, too. However, they were unsure of what kind to get, what to name her, where to buy or adopt her from, etc. Many questions were tossed around before they decided to buy a puppy.

My mamma texted me while I was at work asking what names I would like for a dog. She told me her choices would be Bella or Zoey.

Now, Bella makes me think of Bella Swan from Twilight, and I didn’t want to think of my dog as a vampire-loving girl. Bella was out.

However, Zoey makes me think of Zoey 101, a television show that aired before Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant, which again, was not an okay association with my dog. Zoey was out.

When I got home from work, I waited patiently to hear from my parents whether or not they bought a dog, or more importantly, what they decided to name her.

My mamma’s car pulled into the driveway, and I saw her carrying a baby German Shepherd-Lab mix puppy: she looked adorable.

I ran outside like a five-year-old chasing down the ice cream man in the middle of July. And my mamma said, “Is she a Bela or Maya?”

My brother and I agreed in unison, “Maya.” And so, we welcomed her into the Catanzaro family.

We decided to change the spelling of Maya to Myia because my family loves unique names, if you couldn’t tell by my name, Kiara…

Myia is only six-weeks-old, but she is extremely intelligent. This morning, she climbed the steps to my backyard, which is unheard of at her age. I am so thankful that my parents decided to have her as an addition to the family. I cannot wait to watch her grow over the years. She is wonderful.

I hope you all enjoyed this random post about my new puppy. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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