Tuesday’s Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)


Good morning, everyone! I’m currently sipping on an Arizona Peach Half&Half as I lay outside by my pool. I wanted to share one of my quick “go-to” outfits for the summertime.

Today I am going to be running around a lot today, so I want to make sure that I wear something light and comfortable, especially during the warm months because no one wants to see a sweaty mess while going out and about all day long.

My sleeveless top is from Ann Taylor Loft. I believe I purchased it about two years ago. The material is silky soft and is very lightweight, so I won’t be sweating all day, and added bonus. Also, I love the watercolor effect that this top has, it’s stunning for the summer months.

Next, my jeans are from Hollister, which I purchased last year. They are the dark wash super skinny jeans. I like that the jeans don’t stretch much, so they are naturally true to size. And, I remember that these jeans were on sale for $20, so they were a steal!

Finally, my sandals are from DSW. I bought them two years ago, and they are by far the most COMFORTABLE pair of sandals I own. I will wear them all day, everyday throughout the summertime and I never get sick of them. They are perfect for sundresses or jeans and they are a neutral color, which makes it easy to pair with any outfit during the summertime.  As you probably tell, they are very worn out, but they still are amazing to wear and if they ever break…I will cry for days and probably go into a sandal withdrawal.

I hope you all are enjoying the day today. Have a lovely Tuesday afternoon and evening.


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