Rediscovering What I Love…


Good Morning, Everyone! Hope you all had a great start to the weekend. I can honestly say that I rediscovered something that I used to be passionate about, but had to give up for awhile. Now, I am prepared to take on the challenge of running again, and it’s a powerful feeling.

Everyone has their personal escape. Musicians play guitars or sing, professional athletes play their game with pride and passion, or a writer captivates an audience through the use of their words: all of these examples show passion and determination. It’s a way for people to escape when the weight of the world crashed on their shoulders.

My escape is running and working out.

I’ll be on my third rep while lifting weights, and I will feel a wave of energy and adrenaline take over my entire body to push me through that last set of resistance. Or, when I press the stop button when I reach my second mile while running: I feel alive and powerful.

Working out gives me an escape that I wish I could better express, but I know that I appreciate every moment of the escape it gives me.

In my last fitness post, I told you that I stopped working out and eating healthy for almost three weeks. I began working longer hours, and with a seven-week-old puppy in the house, let’s just say things have been a little hectic.

But, I have made it my mission to wake up at six in the morning, so that I won’t have an excuse to skip out on working out or running. I love the feeling of it, and it’s beneficial for my body, so I think it should be a priority in my life.

Lacing up my Nike sneakers has been a rejuvenating experience as I slowly get myself back into running. I know I won’t be able to knock out five miles on the first try, but I am making progress within two runs. Hopefully, I will soon be back at five-eight miles and I’ll feel like I can accomplish anything. However, only time will tell.

If you have found a career that has inspired you, or a hobby that you are passionate about: don’t ever give up on it. It’s important to have that time set aside for you each day. Whether you enjoy reading books, writing articles, cooking and baking, or running: find something that you love and do it everyday. You will find that surrounding yourself with activities that you love allows you to lead a happy life.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. Keep enjoying the weekend because I am sure it will only get better from here!


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