Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Good Morning, Everyone! Monday has come and go, and it’s officially four days until the weekend, not too bad…right?

July fourth is coming up soon (it’s crazy to think how quick the summer is passing) and I wanted to post an outfit idea post for the holiday.

Outfit Idea Number One: Stripes on Stripes


I don’t know if I am a stripe-obsessed fanatic, but I love pairing stripes on stripes in outfits. I think that this look is even more appropriate for the holiday because of it. When mixing different patterns together, make sure there isn’t too much consistency. For example, the top has a wide-stripe pattern, whereas the skirt has a pinstriped pattern. By pairing the two different striped together, the outfit isn’t overwhelming to the eye.

Top: Ann Taylor Loft

I purchased the top from Loft last winter during their 60% sale. As you all must know by now, I love sales, but who doesn’t? I love the crew neckline and the cherry red color of the stripes. It’s a bold, but not overwhelming.

Skirt: American Eagle

I mentioned this skirt in my last outfit idea post, and I think it works perfectly for the fourth of July. The pinstriped pattern softens up the bold stripes on the top, which makes these pieces mix well together.

Shoes: Forever 21

I purchased these shoes a few months ago from Forever 21 for fifteen dollars. I loved that the cobalt blue creates a bold look for this outfit. Also, the studded detailing on them gives an extra touch of style, making them the statement piece of any outfit you create.

Outfit Number Two: Simple and Classic


For the second outfit, I decided that I wanted to create a more classic look that was simple, but still festive for the holiday. So, this is the result of that idea.

Top: GAP

I purchased this top from GAP about four years ago, and I still love it for the summertime, especially for the holiday. The material is very light-weight, which is great if you’re going to spend the day outside at a picnic or barbeque. The red background of the top contrasts nicely with the blue-detailed flowers on the top. It’s the perfect color scheme for the fourth of July.

Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft

These jeans are from one of my recent haul posts, and I am still in love with them. The denim stretches perfectly to fit your waist, which is perfect if you prefer your jeans to be loosely-fitted, but they don’t stretch too much to the point where you need a belt and are still tugging at them all day long. Also, I love the dark-washed denim from Loft because of how it washes in the laundry: it doesn’t fade at all, how nice is that?!

Shoes: Target

So, I know that you all are probably going to kill me because I talk about these canvas shoes far too much. But, because red, white and blue are the three color elements of the holiday, I thought it would be okay that I added them to one of my outfits. As I have said countless times, these shoes are incredibly comfortable, and I think that the bold red is perfect for the fourth of July. Also, the red from the shoes goes well with the top from GAP, which pulls the entire look together.

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post, and I hope that you all enjoy the rest of your day. If you have an outfit ideas for the fourth of July that you’d like to share, please let me know in the comments below. And, I will see you all soon, Enjoy!


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