Simple and Effective Workouts for Summer

Hello, Everyone! I am up bright and early on this Wednesday morning, and I hope you all are having a great start to the day. On the bright side, only three more days until the weekend, which is extremely exciting considering it is my last week at work for three weeks.

The last week has been hectic due to working long hours, reading for my trip, and attempting to workout on a daily basis, which I haven’t been effective in doing. So, I decided it was necessary to find simple but effective work out for the summer because of my schedule. I want working out to become apart of my daily routine, but it’s important that they are quick and efficient workouts that don’t require much space.

I created a workout plan that would work efficiently with my schedule, and I have to admit that a lot of these workouts seem old-fashioned and simple, but that’s what works best for me. I wanted to share my ideas with you. So, if you’re in the same situation I am in; I hope this works well for you, too.

One of my all-time favorite workout moves to do is the plank. Now, don’t sound too frightened…I know that it isn’t the everyone’s favorite move because of how painful it is, but trust me when I say that it works. It’s painful, tedious and probably the worst way to spend sixty seconds of your time. But, it will be worth it.


For those who don’t know what I plank is, the image above (From Google Images) shows the proper form for the plank exercise. I hold my plank for about sixty seconds, or until my arms start to shake and fall to the ground. After taking a two-minute break, I will repeat this about eight times. This triggers every muscle that is essential to workout: arms, abs, back and legs. The more you perform this move, the longer you will be able to hold your form and see results.

The second simple but effective workout that I enjoy is jump rope. And, I’m not talking about leisurely skipping rope to music…I mean all-out, hardcore jump rope. I prefer to tackle this workout in groups of 100. So, I’ll jump 100 times in the shortest time possible (less than two minutes) and then I’ll repeat that ten times. The workout is quick and simple, but it’s also a killer cardio workout that triggers your abs, especially if you keep them engaged during the workout.


This image above (Also from Google Images) shows the proper form for jumping rope. When you jump, keep both feet on the ground each time you land. This will keep your heart rate high and will make your workout more effective.

My final simple and effective workout is walking. Yes, you heard me correctly, walking. I love how simple walking is. And, not only is this beneficial for your physical health, but it is also beneficial for your mental health. Walking is one of those workouts that helps me relax after a long and stressful day. I enjoy walking on my off days of working out. So, instead of intense cadio activity, I’ll rest up by taking a brisk 45-minute walk for the day.


Google Images

I hope you all enjoyed today’s fitness posts on simple and effective workouts. Hopefully, you all have a wonderful Wednesday. If this helped you, or you would like to see more fitness posts, let me know in the comments below. Enjoy!


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