My All-Time Favorite: Nail Polishes (Summer Version)


Hello, Everyone! I hope you all are having a great start to the weekend. Today I wanted to share my all-time favorite nail polishes. I’m not allowed to have my nails painted for work, but there are days where I decide to say, “meh” to the rules and paint my nails regardless.

All of the nail polishes listed will be in order from left to right in the picture, with the number and name of the polish. All of my favorite polishes are from China Glaze, and I purchased them all from Target. And, if you all couldn’t tell from the picture, I love colors that are in the pink-purple range, so I apologize for not being diverse in my color scheme.

Let’s get started!

094: Naked: I love this color for a basic, light pink color that isn’t too dramatic, but adds a little color to my nails throughout the summertime. Also, I love that this color can be carried over into other seasons throughout the year. It’s the perfect everyday nail color.

873: Flip Flop Fantasy: This color is a coral-based nail polish that looks fantastic with a tan. The way I judge whether or not my tan is good enough is when the color looks good on my nails. And, thankfully, it does look good on my now, so I must have a great tan so far this summer.

1006: Pink Voltage (neon): This color also comes in the non-neon version, but I loved how dramatic, bold and bright this color is for summer. I prefer to wear this color on my toes because it is so dramatic, I don’t want people to think I am a walking neon sign. Literally, they glow in the dark (just kidding, but it’s pretty close)!

872: Pool Party: Another dramatic nail color that works perfect for the summer months. I love using this as a base coat for my nails, and then I will layer a polish over it that has sparkles on it to tone it down, but still give it a bold look.

1008: Purple Panic: This nail polish is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE nail polish EVER! I think that I have been using this polish repeatedly throughout the year on my toes for the last year, and I am not tired of the color. Also, I love how well it works with my skin tone because purple compliments my olive skin, which is why I fell in love with this color.

1011: Flying Dragon (neon): What I love about this color is that there a little specks of blue sparkles in the bottle, so during the summertime, when the sun reflects against your nails or toenails, there is an extra shimmer to your polish. It is stunning for the summertime.  But, it also works well if you want to use it for autumn because it is a deeper purple color.

1007: Turned up Turquoise: Finally, last but not least, my only polish that isn’t in the pink-purple range. I love wearing this color in the summer. I purchased this last year in the summer and wore it on my nails all of June, July and August. And, I plan on painting my nails with this color sometime this week. It’s a great, thick color that is true to color.

I hope you all enjoyed looking at my all-time favorite nail polishes today. Enjoy the day, and I will see you all soon, Bye!


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