The Anywhere Workout


Good Evening, Everyone! Hopefully you all are sleeping by this hour and won’t be up until ridiculous hours of the night like I have been for the last two nights. This trip has definitely tampered with my sleep schedule. But, it is an opportunity of a lifetime, and a lack of sleep for three weeks won’t be too difficult to handle.

Tonight, I wanted to share one of my workouts that I love to do when I am away somewhere and don’t have access to a gym for a period of time. I still enjoy to maintain my health and fitness routine, so I created a simple workout that works perfect.

I prefer to have a variation in my workout. So, I like to have many different moves that work out muscles all over my body to give me a total body workout for the day.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to encourage a certain method for fitness. I wanted to write about this workout idea because I believe that it works well for those who are busy with work, traveling, or other commitments throughout the year. Please don’t think I am forcing my ideas onto you.

If I am working out at home, I will always start with a 15-minute walk. If I am away, I will skip the beginning walk for the day. Also, I like to follow this workout plan seven days a week.

Next, I will move onto the actual workout portion of the routine.

100 jumping jacks


80 lunges (40 per leg)

70 squats

60 second plank

50 crunches

40 leg lifts

30 bicycle crunches

20 squat thrusts

10 push ups

Repeat this portion of the workout twice. After, if I am completing this exercise at home, l will cool down with another 15-minute walk. You don’t have to, but I encourage you all to find a cool down that will work well for you.


I hope you all enjoyed tonight’s post on a simple workout that you can do anywhere. It’s great to find workout plans like this because it takes less time, money and energy to have a gym membership.

I can’t wait to talk to you all soon, enjoy!

**Images from, not my own photos!**


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