What’s In My Bag: Summer Edition


Hello, Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday on the fourth of July. It was one of my most memorable nights for the summertime. I love having special moments with people that I care about. Playing a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee, snacking on unhealthy food and watching the fireworks with my team was a great experience.

Today, I wanted to share with you all what I have in my bag during the summertime. I specifically put summer edition in the title because my purse in the summer is completely different from what I carry in the winter. I like to keep my bag light and on-the-go for the summer, but my winter bag is a different story.

My summer bag is a tribal print cross-body bag from DSW. I love this bag because it’s colorful and bright for the summertime, but it still holds all of my essentials for the day.

The first item I have is my wallet. The current wallet I am using is purchased from Vera Bradley from $32.00. The style is called Euro Wallet in the color, “Make Me Blush.” I received this as a birthday gift last year, and I am still in love with it. I am sorry to say that they don’t carry this specific style in the color I have, but they do have a variety of other patterns that are equally beautiful.

Next, I have my keys, which is pretty self explanatory. Nothing exciting about them at all.

Also, I carry headphones where ever I go because I normally listen to music as I work, so it’s great to have them with me all the time. I purchased the headphone from Wal-Mart last year for $10. I don’t think it’s necessary to drop a lot of money on something that’s going to get covered in ear wax, so I choose to save money on unnecessary items.

Finally, I always have my EOS lip balm and my bath & body works had sanitizer with me wherever I go because I love staying fresh and clean throughout the day. And, my EOS lip balm is easily my favorite lip product I have ever used. If you have never tried this brad before, please check it out! The are oddly shaped, but the quality of the product is well worth the awkward shape of the product.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post on what’s in my bag. I want to know what everyone keeps in their bag during the summertime, so if you want to just make a list of your summertime bag essentials and leave them in the comments below, I would appreciate it.


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