Printed Shorts OOTD: Featuring Amy And Taylor

Good Afternoon, Everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the weekend so far. My week has been filled with long days and nights, but it is a worthwhile experience so far. My coworkers are all incredible, have we have all bonded throughout the course of the week.

I wanted to feature two of my coworkers, Amy and Taylor in a fashion post for the day. Today, I am specifically discussing printed shorts. I have been in love with them during the summer months; they are great if you want a change from jean or knit shorts. Also, I love the various patterns and colors you can purchase printed shorts from, and they look great with with different tops, too! They’re perfect for summertime.

First, my roommate, Taylor, is wearing her black and white tribal-printed shorts from American Eagle. And, her lilac racer-back top is from JCPenney. I love how she paired a basic, light-weight top with a bold pair of printed shorts. It’s a look that I love to recreate for the summertime, especially if it’s going to be warm outside. And, it’s an outfit you can wear if you’re going to the beach with friends for the day or a summer date with a boyfriend at night.

I thought it would be different to show you two different “outfit of the day” photos that involved my coworkers. So, lets get started!


My second outfit inspiration is from Amy. She is another coworker on our trip for the next three weeks. She has a plethora of printed shorts and always manages to pick the perfect tops the compliment her style. Her shorts are from Target. Now, you all know  my OBSESSION with Target. I love that they have cute clothes that are affordable for everyone. Amy’s top is also from Target. I like that she paired a sheer top for this look. Sheer compliments the printed shorts perfectly!


I hope you all enjoyed my post on printed shorts! I want to give a big thanks to Amy and Taylor for allowing me to use their photos as inspiration on my blog for the day. Also, I am happy that I had the opportunity to include my coworkers in a fashion post for the day; I like being able to share different outfits and illustrate different styles. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. Rest up and I will talk to you all soon.

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