Rediscovering What I Love: Part 2


Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having an incredible week. The last two days have been insane for me because of my first work session. I am happy to say that I had an amazing group of people for my first session. One down and three to go. I am looking forward to continuing this adventure.

Last month, I wrote a post that where I discussed a rediscovery of an activity that I enjoy: running. And, I wanted to talk about a second rediscovery I made today about another activity that I love: walking

And, I’m not talking about a high-intense, fast-pace walk where you stagger up and down hills in the country. But, a relaxing, leisurely walk after a stressful day.

There is a lot that I love about taking a walk. It is my personal “me time” for the day. After a long day at work, or running errands all day, I love taking the time to walk for at least thirty minutes a day.

Quick Disclaimer: I don’t qualify my daily walk to count toward my workout time.

Let me explain.

People use meditation as a way to cope with stress throughout the day. Also, they utilize this time to unwind their mind of anything that might hinder them from accomplishing daily tasks. Instead of meditation, I prefer to unwind my mind by going for a walk. Not only is a walk beneficial for your physical being, but it is beneficial for your mental being, too.

I wanted to write this post as encouragement to find out what you love to do that is beneficial for yourself. And, make the effort to complete that specific activity as often as possible. Finding an outlet for stress can help your overall being.

Whether you choose meditation, walking, writing poetry, or singing, I think it is important to search for a beneficial outlet.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. I felt the need to write an inspirational post. So, I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy the rest of the day.


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