Outfit Inspiration: Intership


Good Afternoon! If you all couldn’t tell, I have missed writing fashion post for you all on my blog over the last few weeks. I love putting together different pieces to create an inspirational look for you all to learn more about my personal style.

So, today is another fashion day and I hope you all don’t mind if I blow up your feed with fashion inspiration posts.

I love creating outfits for certain occasions (fourth of July, summer date, etc.) so I think I am going to start creating various occasions that include outfit inspiration. Today, for example, is outfit inspiration for an internship. I know that many people have internships throughout their college years, and I thought it would be cool to create a professional but comfortable outfit.

First, the shirt was my staple piece, or the article of clothing that I wanted to build my outfit around. I purchased this summer earlier in May at American Eagle on sale for $19.99. It was a top that could only be purchased online-only, but it was the only return and in a size small; clearly, it was meant for me to buy. I love how simple and elegant the violet floral print is on the top–it is stunning. And, the violet is a great pop of color for the basic peach background. Also, the crochet detailing around the neckline looks gorgeous on anyone. It’s a flattering top with a lot of personality.

Next, I paired the top with my plum lace skirt from Ann Taylor Loft. This skirt is one of my all-time favorite skirts that I own. Not only was it on clearance, but also works perfectly throughout every season of the year. For summer, you can pair it with a light-weight tank top. In autumn or spring, you can layer a cardigan over a basic t-shirt. Winter, you can wear a chunky sweater with knee-high boots and socks: It is the all-year-round skirt! I paired the top with this skirt specifically because the floral pattern brings out the violet color of the skirt, so I thought it was a perfect match. The skirt is very feminine but professional for a summer internship, especially if your coworkers look a well established outfit.

Finally, I purchased these black flats from Nine West about three years ago. They are my go-to shoes if I need to wear something that is my statement piece. As you can all tell, these shoes always strike up a conversation, which is a great way to get to know other people in your internship. People will always compliment a fabulous necklace or pair of shoes, so make sure you wear something fashion forward and comfortable to strike up conversation with other people. I love the embellishments on these shoes. It looks like someone splattered a jewelry box all over a simple fair of black flats, and created a work of art. That’s why I receive comments on them–they look like little pieces of artwork instead of a pair of shoes

I hope you all enjoyed this fashion post on my internship fashion inspiration. If you have any suggestions on other outfit inspiration you would like to see on my blog, let me know. Until then, I will talk to you all soon.


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