Outfit Inspiration: Summer Concert


Good Morning! I am surprised that I woke up as early as I did, so I decided to write my post before work. As you can tell from the title, I will be posting another fashion post today. Please don’t be angry because I promise to switch it up for the rest of the week. I just love creating different look for specific occasions.

June, July and August are the three prime months for summer concerts, so I decided that it would be a good idea to create an outfit template for someone who is going to a concert.

I’m sad to say that I had no time for any concerts this summer. Work and orientation took up the majority of my free time, but I will be attending the Macklemore concert in autumn.

The top I chose is a tank top from Pac Sun. This top was a purchase I couldn’t ignore because it was in the sale section for $8.99, how do you pass up a bargain like that?! I love the tribal-print/ Aztec-inspired pattern on the top; it isn’t overwhelming, but still gives the tank top it’s own style. The tank stop is slightly cropped, and flows out and the bottom, which is flattering for any body top: another reason why I fell in love with it. Finally, although you cannot see it perfectly, there is lace detailing on the back of the shirt, and I think that’s a slight feminine touch to make this shirt appealing to a variety of styles.

Next, I paired my tank top with my light-washed, high-waist shorts from Hollister. I have been loving high-waist shorts for the past two summers, and I hope this trend sticks around because I am obsessed. Also, on these shorts particularly, I love the crochet detailing on the pockets of the shorts: it’s unique and feminine for the summertime. I purchased these shorts a few months ago for about $21.00. As you can probably guess, I did buy them on sale (surprise, surprise!) The combination of the cropped tank top and high-waist shorts is a perfect go-to outfit for the summertime.

Finally, I added my DSW sandals that I purchased three years ago. These sandals are perfect for the summertime. The flowered detailing on the straps highlights the perfect combination of feminine and bohemian style. I always receive compliments on on these sandals because of how unique they are: they are definitely a good conversation starter if you’re looking to meet new people at a concert.

I hope you all enjoyed my outfit inspiration post. Tomorrow and Friday, I plan on writing other posts besides fashion inspired posts, so don’t worry to my followers who are interested in health and fitness, or beauty, I will give you a lot of material for the rest of the week. Enjoy!


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