Boost Your Metabolism

Good Morning! As promised, I said I would stray away from all of the fashion-inspired posts for the rest of the week. And, I always deliver my promises, so today I am writing a post about simple but effective ways to boost your metabolism.

As you may know, I have always had an interest in health and fitness. As an athlete growing up, I was surrounded about the what to do/not to do regarding efficient workouts and healthy dieting.

Although you don’t think about your metabolism on a daily basis, it’s an essential aspect of health and fitness. Boosting your metabolism could be the barrier that will make or break your fitness goals.

So, I wanted to give you 6 simple ways that will boost your metabolism. And, I promise that they are not as difficult as you think–Trust me!

1. Lift Weights:


Lifting weights allows your body to use more energy because it burns more calories than fat, which keeps your metabolism high. Finding a good balance with weight-resistance training is essential because you don’t want to damage your muscles. So, aim for about 30 minutes of training 3-4 days a week.

2. But, Still Do Cardio:

Yeah, I know. You probably all hate me for mentioning this because there are a million reasons why we all despise cardio. But, hear me out… Cardio works the opposite of weight-resistance–it burns more fat than calories, but it still helps to keep your metabolism healthy. And, the best part is that you don’t need to do anything strenuous for an effective cardio workout. My go-to workout is a 30-60 minute walk everyday. Not only will be help your metabolism, but also your overall health. Trust me when I say there are more benefits to keep cardio in your schedule.

3. Eat Frequently:


You all have probably heard this suggestion more times than you can count, but allow me to explain. Dividing up your calories in smaller portions of the day will keep your body fueled longer. Also, it will keep you full longer, which gives you that extra energy that your metabolism craves throughout the day. So, eating about five small meals (about 200 calories each) will give you that jump-start that your metabolism needs to improve itself.

4. Drink Even More Water:

Not drinking your daily dose for H2O could be the reason that your metabolism is lacking. Without drinking enough water, your metabolism starts to react inefficiently, which could be the aspect of your health and fitness plan that is necessary for improvement. Especially during the summer months it’s important to keep drinking water; not only for the purposes of dehydration, but also for the sake of your metabolism.

5. Fill Up On Fiber:


Fiber is difficult for the body to digest, but that is what will help boost your metabolism. Fiber-enriched foods will burn any excess energy that your body has stored and will help boost your metabolism in the process. Whole grains as well as vegetables are great sources of fiber.

6. Pack On Protein:

You have all heard that protein is the source of what build muscles, right? Well, when you eat more protein, your muscles strengthen, which causes your metabolism to strengthen as well. However, the less protein you eat, the more your muscles start to break down, which will cause your metabolism to slow down. So, having a daily intake of protein is vital for your health and a great way to boost your metabolism at the same time.

I hope you all enjoy my health and fitness post today. I love learning about ways to stay health and maintain my weight, and I think that boosting your metabolism is a great way to start! Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone. Only, one more day until the weekend!


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