Back To College Checklist: My Essentials

Hello Everyone. Summer is flying by too quickly, and I had that partially sad but happy realization that I move back to school in three weeks. I love college, but I’m sad only because I realized that all I did this summer was work. And, now I want summer to linger a little longer before I go back to school.

Today, I wanted to do a post on some of the select items that I consider to be my essentials for college throughout the year. Now, I could probably give you a list of 50 items that I feel are necessary, but I’m going to condense the list to about ten items.

1. I.D Holder:


This is an essential for college because you will want to have a holder for your school I.D, Drivers license and some cash to have on hand at all times. Try to find one where you can also attach your keys to, so you’ll have everything together on one chain.

2. Cute Desk Organization:


One of my suggestions is to find simple, but cute desk organization for the school year. No one wants to write ten-page papers or take online finals, so having a desk that is organized and cute will be less overwhelming when you are up in the wee hours of the morning.

3. Shower Caddy:


This is a suggestion that everyone talks about. And, yes, a shower caddy IS an essential for college. Walking to the shower before an 8 a.m. class isn’t fun. And, carrying all of your toiletries isn’t fun either. So, I recommend a bright-colored caddy.

4. Cute Pajamas:


You will be living with guys on your floor, and I can guarantee that you don’t want them to see you in a ratty, old t-shirt from 8th grade and ugly sweatpants. Invest in a pair or two of simple, but cute pajamas. Whenever you walk by one of the guys to go to the bathroom, at least you will be put-together in the morning.

5. Post-It Notes:


This might be my inner-nerd coming out, but I swear that post-it notes make my college life easier. I practically live by them. Every morning, I will write down everything I have to do for that day. Also, I will write down important dates for when assignments are due. They are my  life-savers during the hectic college semester!

6. Robe:


During my first year of college, I didn’t think too much about buying a robe. I just bought the cheapest robe I could find, and called it a day. But, I regret that decision all throughout the cold winter months at school. Having a paper-thin robe and being in a freezing cold bathroom is not a good way to start the morning. So, if you have to splurge on a robe; do it. I can honestly say that it will be worth your money in the long run.

7. Rain Gear:


I cannot stress the importance of bringing: Rain boots, an umbrella and a rain jacket–they are all ESSENTIAL for a college campus. Think about it: you have to walk from building to building (no matter what the weather may be) and sitting in a 75 minute class in wet jeans isn’t fun. So, I recommend buying quality rain gear for college. I promise you will not regret it!

8. Command Strips:


If you plan on hanging anything on the walls, I definitely recommend the Command Hooks, which you can purchase at any local Wal-Mart, Target, or supply store. They are great for hanging up poster, calendars, or for your damp towel in the morning. Also, they don’t damage walls, and are simple to apply and take down when the year is over.

9. Under-the-bed Storage:


Dorm room are tiny–it’s a fact we all must come to by the time August rolls around. And, you would be surprised how much you can fit underneath your bed. my suggestion: try purchasing cute under-the-bed storage to keep any extra clothes, shoes, towels and lines, or cleaning supplies out of sight. More organization equals less stress.

10. Febreze:


I have never used Febreze before going away to school, but I can honestly say that it was a life-saver while I was away. Whenever it’s humid out, your dorm can tend to smell with all of the people living on each floor. So, having a go-to freshener is great, especially if you want to keep your clothes and lines fresh all-year long.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post on my college essentials. I love reading articles about college tips on what to bring, or anything else college related. If you have any suggestions on what other types of articles I can write regarding college advice, let me know! And, as always, have a wonderful day and I will talk to you all soon!


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