Fashion Inspiration: Summer Lunch Date


Good Morning! I am happy to day that the weather looks gorgeous so far for today, which is always something to look forward to.

Today, I am going to write a fashion inspiration post for a summer lunch date. Now, this can be a lunch date with your close family, girlfriends, or a significant other. Whichever situation you feel best applies to wear this outfit, go for it.

Let’s get started!

So, for my outfit inspiration, I decided that a dress is a great way to go, especially for August. This month is prime time to wear your dresses before you have to pack them away for the autumn and winter months. May as well wear them while you still can!

Not to mention, I think that keeping the look simple with a dress and heels is both classy and comfortable. Every girl has that one dress that they feel amazing in, so wear it and rock it. And, if you aren’t comfortable with wearing heels, you can easily switch them out for a pair of flats or sandals, whatever you prefer.

For my outfit, I picked out my floral dress from Pac Sun, which my best friend purchased for one of my 18th birthday gifts. I absolutely adore this dress. The color look great for most of the season, which is perfect if you love clothes that you can wear for all four seasons. Also, there is a delicate lace trim that situates around the neckline, which adds more of that feminine touch to the dress. I love the bold colors that were used in this pattern, and how well they all seem to compliment each other perfectly. This ranks high in my all-time favorite dresses.

For shoes, I decided to keep it simple with my black Madden Girl heels from DSW. I have mentioned these shoes in my last Outfit of the Day post, and I think that they look great with dresses in the summertime. Also, they are extremely comfortable for heels; I can wear them all-day long without feeling as though my feet are about to fall off, which is a good quality to look for in a pair of heels. If heels aren’t shoes that you would normally wear, you can easily trade them out for a pair of flats or sandals.

Remember: it’s important that you are comfortable in the outfits that you choose. You don’t need to try and be someone else in clothing; personal style is about showing people who YOU are through your outfits, not someone else. So, stay true to yourself and you’ll look incredible no matter what.

I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit inspiration post. I love creating different looks for different occasions. It’s great to see what you all would wear for the ideas I create, so I want to know what you would typically wear to a lunch if you were going out on a date or out with friends. And, as always, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk to you all soon. Bye!


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