Outfits Under $50: Boho Meets Nautical


Good Morning, Everyone. I hope you all are having a great end of the week. It is finally Friday, so cheers to the weekend! Today I wanted to do something new with my blog regarding fashion. I want to shop around and put together different outfits from stores that will be under $50.

I thought that it would be cool to mix-and-match different styles while staying in a particular price range that would work for the majority of people. I think $50 for a completed outfit is acceptable, right?

For my first outfit, I shopped at Forever 21. The mecca of good deals and cute fashion. I picked out three items: A top, shorts and sandals that are under $50. Also, I decided to label the types of styles that I will be mixing together. Today, I am mixing bohemian with nautical.

All of the links will be listed below where you can see the outfits I picked out for each post. I encourage feedback on these, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Lets get started!

Top: Nautical-Inspired Crop Top: $11.80


  • I fell in love with this top. Not only am I obsessed with crop tops, but also, I am obsessed with nautical-inspired pieces. I love how simple this top is because it will compliment various styles. Because it uses simple colors: black and white, you’ll always have an outfit to pair this top with. And, crop tops are this years go-to summer piece, so you’ll be in style all year long.

Shorts: Summer Solstice Denim Shorts: $19.80


  • These shorts were the piece that made me say, “Okay, I need to write a fashion post about these shorts because these are the most perfect shorts that ever existed, EVER!” No exaggeration, these shorts were the inspiration for this new addition to my blog. So, thank Forever 21 for having such cute clothes for affordable prices. I am obsessed with the striped-pattern of these shorts; they’re cool, laid-back and bring out the best in bohemian style. And, shorts for under $20? That’s practically unheard of!

Sandals: Rosette Thong Sandals: $14.80


  • I decided for the sandals that I wanted to keep it simple. The shorts are the stand-out piece of my outfit, so I didn’t want to have flats or heels that would take away from that. These sandals are perfect because they’re black; meaning you can mix it up with many outfits in the future. And, that’s what I always look for in a shoe: versatility. It’s essential to have shoes that can be paired with different styles all-year long. You always want to get the most bang for your buck. So, I thought these shoes would be the perfect fit for my outfit.

Total cost of purchase: $46.40

I thought that this outfit would be perfect for a summer concert or a trip to the beach. Mixing two styles together shouldn’t be an overwhelming process: just keep it simple, and discover what you love. That’s all it takes.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s new post on my outfits under $50. If you would like to see more of these on my blog, let me know! I love hearing feedback from you guys. And, as always, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk to you all soon, Bye!


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