Monday Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)


Good Morning, Darlings! I hope everyone is well rested from the weekend. I can’t exactly say that this weekend was “relaxing,” but it was one of the best weekends of my life.

Today, I wanted to write a outfit of the day post because I am in love with the dress I am wearing, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see what you all think of my outfit, too.

This week will be one of the busiest weeks of my existence, but I will be sure to make the most of it before I go back to school. Today, I am going off on a day-trip to Canada with my mamma. We always take little trips together before I head back to school. So, if you’re wondering what I’ll be up to today, that’s my plan!

Let’s get started!

Dress: American Eagle Outfitters

  • I love the colors that are in this dress. The orange has a subtle touch of peach in it, which makes it less overwhelming of a color. And, more people will be attracted to it. The floral pattern isn’t too dramatic either; they compliment the color of the dress perfectly. It’s appealing to the eye, especially with the lilac colored flowers. I purchased this dress about two years ago for $39.99. It wasn’t my cheapest purchase, but I fell in love with dresses at a young age, and I still am obsessed with them.

Cardigan: American Eagle Outfitters

  • I thought that this would be the perfect cardigan to pair with my dress. The lilac colored cardigan compliments the floral patterns of the dress perfectly. Needless to say, it was a match made in heaven! (I know, that was a terrible cliche…I apologize.) I purchased this dress three years ago from American Eagle for $15.99. I don’t think it was a bargain, but it was a bad deal either.

Sandals: DSW

  • These sandals from DSW are my favorite sandals that I own. They’re comfortable and I receive the most compliments when I wear them with outfits. Not to mention, they match perfectly with almost every outfit. They’re a great match to wear with skirts and dresses in the summertime, but still work great with jeans and a t-shirt in fall. Although I can’t wear them in winter, they still can be worn three out of the four seasons. That’s good enough for me!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s outfit of the day post. I would love to hear your opinions on my outfit today and if you have any other suggestions on posts that you would like to see! Please don’t hesitate to let me know. I hope you all have a fabulous Monday, and, as always, I will talk to you all soon, bye!


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