Outfit Inspiration: Family Summer Party


Good Evening, everyone! I hope you all had an awesome day. Today is my last day in Buffalo before I move back to school tomorrow. It’s bittersweet leaving my friends and family from home but I also love going back to school. I’m excited to start a new semester!

Today, my family hosted a birthday party for my nine-year-old nephew. But, it also counted as an, end-of-the-summer get together with my family. So, I thought that an outfit inspiration post felt perfect for the occasion.

Quick Disclaimer/Apology: I honestly didn’t wear shoes during the party. It was casual, and everyone was hanging out in the backyard eating and drinking. Also, I didn’t want to throw a pair of sandals in the picture, and pretend that I perfectly paired them with my outfit because that wasn’t the case. I enjoy being honest, so I decided to leave it up to you all and pick whatever you feel most comfortable in. Apparently, I felt most comfortable without shoes altogether. But, whatever works best for you!

Top: Express

  • This top was a gift that I received from an old boyfriend about three years ago. I still love wearing it with skinny jeans on casual days, or dressing it up with a skirt like I did today. The beading around the neckline is my favorite part about the top: it’s stunning. The pattern on the shirt works well with various outfits for specific occasions. It’s simple, but appealing regardless of your taste in fashion. I love the classic pieces that Express has at their store. Yes, I agree that they are expensive. But, you DO get what you pay for. Sometimes, I believe in being a thrifty shopper, but other times I think you need to splurge on certain items for the good quality. That’s how I feel about Express.

Skirt: Papaya

  • I paired the Express top with this skirt from Papaya. My best friend, Emily gave me this skirt this summer, and I love it. It’s another simple piece, but it works well with different styles. I love the small, floral pattern on this skirt; it isn’t overwhelming, but still pleasing to the eye. It gives just the touch of feminine that this outfit needed. I haven’t personally purchased anything from Papaya, but from what I heard through friends, it’s a great place to shop if you’re on a budget. So, for all of my thrifty shoppers out there: go check it out and let me know what you all think!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post on another outfit inspiration. I can’t wait to start a new semester at school and post about my adventures. But, until then, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your night. And, as always, I will talk to you all soon! Bye!


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