Outfit Inspiration: Back to School (Outfit 3 of 3) and Under $50!

Good evening, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful start to a new week. I know Mondays can be difficult, but hang in there because it will go by.

Today was my first official day of classes, and I am already excited for the semester and all of my new classes. Time seems to fly by quicker since I have been in college. I still feel like a first-year student not knowing where to go on campus. It’s crazy to know how much time has gone by.

Today, I wanted to combine two ideas together and create my third back-to-school outfit inspiration to be under $50. So, if anyone is looking for thrifty purchases for their back-to-school shopping, I thought this would be helpful for some of you. (Especially if you are in college!) Not having money in the bank is a struggle during four years of school, so saving money whenever you can is always ideal.

This completed outfit is from Forever 21. (All of the links for the items will be listed in order underneath the name of the product.) I love shopping there when I know I need to spend as little money as possible because I always manage to find good deals. And, they have a huge selection of items, so they appeal to a variety of styles.

Let’s get started!

Outfit Number Three: Comfy Cozy

Boyfriend-Inspired Marled Top: $15.80


  • I love finding baggy, comfortable sweaters to wear during fall and winter time. They’re great when you’re having a lazy morning and don’t want to put in all of the extra effort to look good for class. We are all human and we can’t look perfect 24/7: it’s not possible! So, I thought this would be a perfect go-to item for everyone  who wants to have that “lazy-morning outfit” in case you decide to press the snooze button more than you expected. It’s a simple piece, however it looks wonderful with leggings and jeans. Whatever you feel is most appropriate to wear to class that day is fine with me.

Basic Ponte Knit Leggings: $8.80


  • It’s great to purchase a pair of simple, go-to leggings for fall. They’re comfortable and light-weight. Also, one of my favorite aspects of leggings are that they make it look like you put effort into how you look, but in reality you decided to roll out of bed and just wing it for the day. And, trust me, you are going to have those days where you don’t want to spend a lot of time getting ready. That’s why I created this outfit. It will solve all of your lazy-morning problems before class.

Heartbreaker Loafers: $15.00


  • These loafers were definitely a steal. They were originally $26.80, but are currently marked-down for $15.00. Now, I’m not sure how you feel about a good deal, but I feel incredibly excited when I know that I saved myself money in the long run.

Total Cost for Outfit: $39.60 (I made it under $40?! that’s definitely a new record for me!)

I hope you all enjoyed today’s combined post that I wrote on my final back-to-school outfit, and that all of the items equaled to be under $50! Thriftiness can be a beautiful thing if you know where to shop and you know what you are looking for. Also, I hope that you all enjoy the rest of you night, and, as always, I will talk to you all soon! bye.


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