Tuesday Outfit of the Day (OOTD)


Good Morning, everyone! I wanted to start off the day bright and early with an outfit of the day post because I was excited to wear this skirt today. It has been incredibly humid out since I am returned to school, so wear light-weight clothes has been my essential for two weeks.

Today is just a normal day of classes and school work; nothing too fancy. However, I am excited because today is what I call “Newspaper Day,” which I will explain. Some of you might not know that I am an editor for my campus newspaper. Deadline for stories are on Wednesday at noon, so the tedious work of interviewing, gathering information and quotes, and laying out a story is done on Tuesday.

So, if you were wondering about my life for the day, there it is in a nutshell. Now, lets get started with today’s outfit!

Top: Victoria’s Secret

  • I purchased this top last summer before college for only $5. It was toward the end of Victoria’s Secret, Summer Sale, so I knew that I would luck out with some great purchases. I love wearing deep, bold purples in the fall. And, I know the leaves aren’t changing just yet, but I am too excited to not start wearing my fall fashion pieces. Also, you might not notice because the top is tucked in, but this is a very comfy and loose-fitting top, which is one of my go-to items during school. I love that I can wear this top dressed up or down and I will feel comfortable either way.

Skirt: Forever 21

  • I bought this skirt from Forever 21 in New York City three years ago, and it is my all-time favorite skirt. It was another bargain deal: only $12! Knowing that my completed outfit is just around $30 makes me feel so thrifty. I love the colors and shape of this skirt, it’s flattering and looks amazing on different body types. If I could own this style of skirt in every color/pattern available in the fashion world, I would. Instantly. No questions asked.

Shoes: Target

  • I didn’t realize how often I wear these shoes until I write my outfit of the day post, and realize that they’re in Every. Single. Photo. You all must think they’re the only shoes I own. Well, I do have a decent collection of shoes, however I prefer my canvas shoes from Target because they perfect for a college campus. Walking around all day from building-to-building can definitely take a toll on your feet if you aren’t wearing the proper footwear. So, I normally wear these for comfort, but I love how well they can be paired with any outfit.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s outfit of the day post! I am thankful that I woke up early enough to have my blog post written and completed for the day. Now, I can focus on the rest of the work I will have to do. Enjoy the rest of your day, and, as always, I will talk to you all soon. Bye!


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