Celebrity Fashion Inspiration: Lauren Conrad


Hey Everyone! I sat down last night to think about some new topics that I want to cover on my blog. And, I decided that a topic I haven’t talked about is celebrity fashion, which surprises me. I am constantly looking toward celebrities for trends throughout various seasons.

I decided that fall would be the perfect opportunity to start a new blog post topic because I adore fall fashion. One of my pastimes during this season is looking through magazines and deciding what new style I should try, or what color is in for the season.

So, today I wanted to focus on my all-time favorite celebrity and role model, Lauren Conrad. For those who aren’t too familiar with Lauren Conrad, she began her carrer on Reality TV. First, she starred on Laguna Beach in high school and The Hills later on.

I didn’t watch Laguna Beach growing up, however I was a fan of The Hills. As a dedicated viewer, I loved seeing how glamorous life in Los Angeles could be. Also, I loved learning how Lauren Conrad developed her style to enhance her personality. For example, Lauren has been a fashion-forward girl with a style that remains timeless and classic.

I feel inspired to reach that same style that Lauren Conrad portrays. Her style is filled with classic pieces that will never go out of style: A tailored blazer, a quality-made button-down blouse, and the perfect pair of Mary Janes are a few examples of these pieces.

I think it’s important for anyone interested in fashion to remember that classic pieces of clothing will make or break your wardrobe.

Another aspect that I love about Lauren Conrad’s style is that she is appeals to both men and women. Men and women both tend to love her for her natural, Californian beauty, but also because she keeps her outfits simple. The picture I choose perfectly describes Lauren Conrad as a fashion expert: simple pieces that create a clean, put-together look.

On the other hand, whenever Lauren Conrad needs to dress up, she uses her poise and charm to handle any dress with any designer she chooses. I admire her capability to wear a chic outfit during the day, but able to put her best foot forward and step out in a statement dress that will flaunt her gorgeous figure and personality.

Celebrity fashion inspirations are difficult to find nowadays. Some celebrities want to become the most daring, and wear outrageous outfits that only put them in the spotlight in a negative way. I appreciate that Lauren Conrad is able to stay true to her classic and timeless sense of fashion throughout the years. She is a perfect example of why people should look up to her in the fashion industry.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post, which was fun for me to write! So, I only hope that you enjoy reading it. If you have any other suggestions of potential topics that you would like to see featured on my blog, please let me know! I love listening to your ideas and feedback. Have a lovely rest of the day, and, as always, I will talk to you all soon. Bye!


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