Celebrity Fashion Inspiration: Blake Lively


Hello Everyone! I hope you all are relaxing on this late Saturday afternoon. Saturday is either a hit or miss type of day when I decide whether or not I want to be productive. However, I decided that I need to put my lazy capabilities aside and focus on school work and studying.

And, of course, blogging. I always need to set aside some time to blog. (:

Today, I wanted to write my second celebrity fashion inspiration post because I have been searching through countless magazines for fashion inspiration, and I realized that I have a long list of celebrities that are my go-to fashion inspiration gurus.

Blake Lively: a beautiful, bombshell blonde who flaunts her incredible style on and off camera. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (one and two) are two of my favorite go-to movies that I could watch a million times and still never get sick of them. I love the way that Blake was portrayed as the sporty, soccer player. It was the first time that I was introduced to Blake Lively as an actress. Now, quite a few years later, I find myself loving her sense of style more and more as the years go by.

Recently, toward the end of summer, I fell in love with Gossip Girl. (I know, I am a few years late to that bandwagon, but better late than never. Right?) And, I love the style that Blake Lively has as Serena. Crisp pieces, and always looking put together even if she has her hair in a ponytail.

Blake Lively consistently looks fearless and flawless in every outfit that she wears. Whether she is dressed in a gown for an event, or casually wearing jeans, t-shirt and a blazer; Blake has a personality and attitude that flaunts her sense of style.

Also, I love that Blake Lively constantly changes her style throughout the years. A few years ago, you would see Blake in various dresses of different styles and lengths. Now, she will switch up her style regardless of the outfit. One day, she will wear a bohemian-maxi skirt with ease, and the next day, nautical-adorned attire without second guessing her capabilities as a fashion expert. You will see Blake walking down the street looking fierce no matter what.

Blake has a strong personality that doesn’t outshine her style. She has the perfect balance where her personality can be reflected positively through her taste in fashion. It is one of the many reasons that I look up to her as a celebrity fashion inspiration.

I hope you all enjoyed my second post and my celebrity fashion inspiration featuring Blake Lively. I want to know who some of your celebrity fashion inspirations are? Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and, as always, I will talk to you all soon.

You Know You Love Me.



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