Fall Fashion Inspiration

Comfy Cozy
Hey Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. This weekend was interesting, fun and exciting as always. As much as I dread every Monday morning, I am happy to start another week.

In honor of the first day of fall, I felt that it would be appropriate to have a fashion inspiration post that would be comfortable and cozy for a typical fall day.

I love wearing boots in the fall. Aside from canvas shoes, I wear boots on a day-to-day basis. I love the combat boots in this outfits because they will work perfectly with skinny jeans, leggins, or a pair of shorts layered with tights. When I buy shoes, I like to pick out a pair that will compliment any outfit throughout multiple seasons, and I thought that these fit that requirement perfectly.

Big, comfortable, cozy sweaters are an essential for my wardrobe in the fall, and this sweater radiates with coziness. I love the deep hues of colors that are brought out in the sweater as well; it makes it easy to mix-and-match different pieces of clothing together.

I thought that black skinny jeans would be a great element to a fall inspired look. Fall is a perfect time for bright orange, deep red and purple, but wearing natural hues of black, nude and brown are wonderful to take advantage of during the season.

This shirt possesses two elements that I love for the fall: burgundy and cut-off t-shirts. I thought that this shirt would be perfect to wear for the fall because it’s simple and it can be worn with a sweater if it’s too cold, but can also stand alone with the jeans and boots.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s fashion inspiration post for the day. I love creating different outfits for any occasion, and I know that fall brings about a lot of wonderful pieces of fashion. So, you can all expect more outfits coming up during the season that will be with comfortable and cozy.


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