Orange You Glad…?

Orange You Glad...?

Hello there and Happy October 1st! I cannot believe that the month of September has already come and gone. But, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited for October–Halloween, apple picking, candy, cider, scary-movie marathons, pumpkin-flavored everything and laying clothes. What’s not to be excited about?

After looking through the October edition of Galmour magazine, I skimmed across a page that highlighted wearing orange for fall. Now, I’m not against the color at all, but whenever I wear orange around this time, I feel awkward. I feel as though I am trying to intentionally look like a pumpkin. So, I wanted to create a few tips that would make look your orange clothes look less, well, orange-y.

One: Layer navy blue over orange:

  • Navy blue is the perfect backdrop color to compliment orange. It’s subtle, simple and won’t look too overwhelming to the eye. orange naturally has the “wow-factor” appeal to it whereas navy blue tones down the brightness of the color. I would pair a thick, fall sweater and layer it over an orange dress or blouse. The dress will peer out underneath the dress. Or you can layer the blouse so that the collar sticks out. You can also rolls the sleeves for a casual, preppy look.


Two: Let the accessories speak

  • When all else fails in the rulebook for fashion, just stick with what you know. For me, I am a fan of taking simple accessories and incorporating them into my outfit so that I won’t have a pumpkin vibe to my outfit. So, I would add a scarf, hat or belt to my outfit. This tip works well for anyone because you can still look festive for fall without looking like “that girl” that obsesses over Halloween every year and is practically a witch without anyone knowing. Pair orange accessories with simple and neutral colors such as navy blue, brown, ivory, etc.


Three: Wear shoes as a statement piece

  • A statement piece is what I look forward to most when picking and choosing my outfit for the day. That one article of clothing or accessory that you build and create your entire outfit around is the statement piece for your outfit. So, why not have your shoes be the statement piece of your outfit? Wear bold, bright, crazy orange shoes for the day. But, just remember to compliment the shoes by wearing a mix of neutral and simple colors that won’t make you stand out against a crowd of people.


I hope you all enjoyed today’s fashion post for the day. And, I want everyone to do something fall-related in honor of the first day of October. Go apple-picking, wear orange, order a pumpkin latte, take pictures of the changing leaves or drink apple cider. Do something that involves fall. I know I’ll order Starbucks pumpkin latte at least twice today. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day, and, as always, I will talk to you all soon. Bye!




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