Celebrity Fashion Inspiration: Emma Watson

images I wanted to write a new celebrity fashion inspiration post because I have been admiring a lot of different celebrities and their street style.

As you can probably tell from the title and pictures, I am focusing on Emma Watson. I’m not going to lie, Watson is one of my favorite actresses. Not only did she portray an incredible character in the Harry Potter series, but also she has a brilliant sense of style. Yes, I intended to use the word “brilliant” so you all could practice saying it in your British accent.

I admire Watson for her career as an actress and I admire her wardrobe. What I love most is that Watson is capable of wearing a t-shirt layered with a blazer and jeans, but still manages to look stunning. Her style appeals equally to both males and females, which is difficult for people to do because we all have different opinions of style. With Watson, this come naturally. It’s magic (pun partially intended).

Watson encompasses the fashion rule of wearing timeless pieces, however she still keeps her pieces up-to-date. From the pictures above, Watson wears blazers frequently. Personally, I love that she dresses up her simple shirts with blazers to make them stand out. It reinforces the fact that anyone can look fabulous wearing everyday items that a woman would have in her closet.Celebrity-Street-Style-Emma-Watson-07

Another aspect I love about Watson and her style is that she is perfectly comfortable with wearing jeans all the time. I’m a huge fan of jeans, especially when they’re comfortable and work well for the shape of your body. Watson wears them because that’s how she defines her style: simple. She is a fan of  feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Overall, I love Watson’s ladylike, feminine modesty. You will never see Watson wearing anything that would be deemed inappropriate or exposes too much skin. Watson doesn’t prefer to reveal her skin because she’s likes to leave something to the imagination. I love this concept. I’m not suggesting that you wear a turtleneck sweater everyday, but there’s no need to show off your legs, arms, back and chest in one outfit (or should I say lack of outfit).

It’s easy to fall in love with Emma Watson. Not only is she an incredible actress with a lot of talent, but she is also intelligent, and her style represents the simple and modest elements that some women take for granted. I think we all can learn an example or two from Watson.


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