Celebrity Fashion Inspiration “Pretty Little Liars” Series: Shay Mitchell

shay-mitchell-la-stroll-04Good morning! I wanted to start the day early so I wrote my blog post before my 10 a.m. class: productivity at it’s finest!

You all know that I am working on my four-part series of the actresses in Pretty Little Liars and we are on to Shay Mitchell. Lets begin!

Shay Mitchell (Emily, in PLL) has the most beautiful natural beauty. Her long locks are healthy and her complexion is flawless. Not to mention, her style enhances her natural beauty.

I love that Mitchell changes her style and experiments with new items. One day, she will wear a dramatic dress and the next day she will wear an alternative-inspired outfit. And she will look equally gorgeous regardless of the style she chooses.

But, Mitchell has a go-to style that utilizes both classic and simple pieces. For example, she will add a blazer to an outfit to complete her look or opt for a different trend such as colored jeans and coats to highlight her diverse style.

Similar to Ashley Benson, Mitchell has an opposite style of her character on PLL. Although both her character and Mitchell focus on simplicity in their outfits, they both have a unique way of highlighting their style. Mitchell prefers classic items that will never go out of style whereas Emily wears basic elements of an outfit without any additional pieces.

Although Mitchell and her character have different styles, their personalities are equally illustrated through their wardrobe. Mitchell’s personality shows that she has natural confidence but remains down-to-earth. I love Mitchell’s style but I love her personality even more. She’s fearless, flawless and fabulous and she displays that through her professional work.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post on Shay Mitchell and make sure to check out Troian Bellisario’s post tomorrow as I discuss her street style verses her character Spenser. Enjoy the rest of your day and, as always, I will talk to you all soon. Bye!



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