One Outfit, All Day: The Power of Neutrals

One Outfit, All Day

Hello there. Hopefully you all had a great start to the week. If not, you have a new day today to turn your mood around so make the most of it! Today I wanted to write my second, “One Outfit, All Day” post because I received positive feedback from you all about my first one.

I always try to get the most use out of an outfit because I don’t want to waste a beautifully-coordinated outfit for two classes and then change into yoga pants for the rest of the day. So, I decided to create different looks that would work perfectly throughout an entire day of errands, classes, meetings and other activities you might do on a daily basis.

The simple way to plan an outfit that will work well for a busy day is to focus on neutral colors. Sometimes they’re boring and we all need a pop of color in our lives, but neutral colors is your secret weapon to achieve a look that will last.

For this outfit, I made the look more fall-appropriate so if the weather isn’t cold enough, you can easily change some of the items to fit the weather conditions.

Starting with a plain, long-sleeve top, I added a blush-colored scarf to add interest. Scarves are a great addition to an outfit if you want to create a simple look that will last for an entire day.

I paired the light colors of the scarf and top to contrast against the black jeggings and boots. Black is my go-to color that works for any occasion and compliments any color I incorporate into my outfits.

Finally, I added a cream-colored beanie because they’re a perfect addition to a fall outfit. You don’t have to wear one, but if you’re having a bad hair day then it’ll work perfectly for you.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post on how to achieve a look that will last throughout the day. Enjoy the rest of your day and, as always, I will talk to you all soon. Bye!


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