Tips for Healthier Hair!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and if you didn’t, make today count for something by watching football with your boyfriend or shopping with your girlfriends.

Today, I wanted to write a beauty-related post on some tips to treat your hair better. Oftentimes, we forget how important it is to take care of EVERY aspect of our bodies. Healthy isn’t just related to fitness and a proper diet (although they are both incredibly important) we need to treat everything better, including our hair.0060308429039_500X500

So, I wanted to give a few tips on how you can treat your hair better in the next few weeks. I encourage everyone to incorporate these tips into their daily regime and focus on keeping your hair healthy. I complied a list of the five tips that I believe are essential to healthy hair. If you have any tips you want to add, feel free to comment them below!

One: Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

  • I posted a month ago that I stopped washing my hair everyday and I see a huge improvement in my hair. Washing your hair everyday strips away natural oils for your hair. You’ll save time getting ready throughout the week if you don’t wash everyday, and you’ll help your hair restore it’s natural shine! I recommend washing every other day. It will take time for your hair to build the natural oils, but when they do, you won’t need to wash on the off day during the week because your hair will be healthy.

Two: Use Leave-in Conditioner or Oil Treatment

  • Apple a leave-in conditioner or oil treatment to the ends of your hair after you wash your hair. For me, this is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I switch up my products weekly, so I will use a leave-in conditioner one week and switch to an oil treatment the following week. Confusing your hair with products will increase the benefits the product offers. It’s similar to working out, changing your routine will show better results! I recommend Garnier Fuctis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-in Conditioner Cream and Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment. They’re inexpensive products that work very well for all hair types.

300Three: Use Heat 2-3 Times Per Week

  • Yes, I know this will be a challenge for some people, but you will be thankful using less heat on your hair. Think of it this way, now you can utilize those hair tutorials on Pinterest! Sock buns and braided up-dos will become your new BFF and your hair will thank you for it, too.

Four: Get a Regular Trim Every 4-6 Weeks

  • You cannot fix damaged ends with a product, so your only option is to visit the salon for a trim. Trimming your hair is beneficial because you’ll notice how great it is to have those split ends gone. And, the salon uses a deep conditioner treatment, so your scalp will have extra TLC throughout the months.

Five: Take a Cool Shower

  • I know it’s not ideal because everyone loves a warm shower to wake them up in the morning or to end their day, however hot water isn’t good for your hair. Water is what damages your hair in the first place because it drys your scalp, which is why dry shampoo has become a necessity for women. Switching to cooler water will help relieve your hair of necessary oils.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s beauty-related post on five essential tips to have healthier hair. Incorporate these tips gradually, and you will notice a huge improvement in your hair. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and as always, I will talk to you all soon. Bye!


3 thoughts on “Tips for Healthier Hair!

  1. Love your blog! You have so much awesome and extremely useful information on here. I will definitely be sticking around to browse through your past posts. I actually struggle sooo much with my hair, and i just started the “no poo” method. I now use baking soda for shampoo and vinegar for conditioner.

    Thank you for following me on blogloving – follow my blog as well as my profile for updates!

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