Winter Trends

Winter Trends
Hello there and Happy Sunday! I know not everyone is ready for the holidays and winter season yet, but after receiving a few inches of snow, I am in the holiday spirit! So, similar to yesterday’s post, I want to share some fashion trends for the  winter season.
Winter White
  • This trend began last winter season and it’s back for round two in the fashion world for its popularity. Winter whites can be incorporated into your wardrobe in any way. I showed two examples, a sweater dress and a knit beanie; to show that you can wear this trend as the staple piece of your outfit or as an accent item to an outfit. Either way, make sure to rock this trend during winter.
Sweater Dresses
  • I currently own one sweater dress and I plan to change that number this winter season. Sweater dresses are perfect because if you love dressing up during the cold months, this is the perfect way to do it. And, they’re perfect for layering scarves, tights, and jackets to stay extra warm!
Ankle Boots
  • Ankle boots are a trend that never seems to go out of style. I love this trend because you can add warm, knit boot socks for extra layers. And, ankle boots come in all different styles and colors, so you’ll never get bored shopping for a new pair if you already have some. And, it’s always nice to expand your collection!
Knit Everything (scarves, tights and beanies)
  • Who doesn’t love a  knit scarf? If you’re obsessed with accessories, make sure you purchase some knit accessories this season. Not only will they keep you warm, but you’ll stay in-style and comfortable all-day long. You can find a plethora of options for all beanies, tights and scarves. Happy hunting!

What are some of your favorite winter trends? What trend are you most looking forward to wearing this winter? Make sure to comment them down below, I’d love to read them all.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and as always, I will talk to you all soon. Bye!


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