DIY Creation: Coffee Scrub

photo 1Hello Everyone! Today I want to share an easy, simple and inexpensive DIY scrub that will work perfectly for your next “at home” pamper evening.

All you need are two items:

  • coffee grounds
  • olive oil.

Yes, it’s that simple.

What are the benefits: the coffee grounds will tighten your skin for a more flawless look and the olive oil acts as a natural skin moisturizer. Combine them together and you will have stunning skin.

Take the used coffee grounds from your morning brew and combine it with a few tablespoons of the olive oil. Mix it until both ingredients are evenly distributed. I recommend shaving your legs and using this as an exfoliating scrub to banish dead skin cells and give your legs a pick-me-up. Make sure you rise off the scrub in the shower because this can get a little messy. The mixture will look like this:

photo 2If you need to add a few extra tablespoons of olive oil for more moisture, feel free to add more. But, a little of this scrub will go a long way so don’t add too much. You’ll be surprised how much scrub one batch will make.

Even though you won’t show off your legs much in the winter, they still need some TLC throughout the year. This will be the perfect solution to any dry, irritated skin that you need a quick fix for.

I hope you enjoyed today’s DIY creation. Enjoy the rest of your day and as always, I’ll talk to you all soon. Bye!


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