Celebrity Fashion Inspiration: Katy Perry

katy perry floral red dress Hello there everyone and happy Thursday. We are almost done with another week, so for all of my friends who are struggling with a long, stressful week, hang in there because it’s almost Friday!

Today I want to write a celebrity fashion inspiration post featuring the fantastic and flawless, Katy Perry. Let me start by saying that Perry is my spirit animal and I appreciate her quirky personality and music a lot, but I also appreciate her style. Essentially, she’s a goddess and everyone should know it.

For those who aren’t Perry fans, stick around because I hope to change your mind by the end of this post. Give it a chance! You won’t be disappointed.

Perry has a style that has constantly transformed throughout her career. Some people hate on her because they believe her style is weird and freaky, but to others she is praised for expressing her individuality. And in my humble opinion, I think we need more people like Katy Perry who aren’t afraid of showing who they truly are. Not only with personality traits, but also style.

I love that Perry isn’t afraid of a challenge regarding her career or her sense of style. Her confidence radiates with every outfit she wears on a day-to-day basis. Regardless of her fashion choice for that day, Perry shows the beauty of a confident woman. I think  women can learn a valuable lesson from Perry because she’s a role model for women who lack confidence. Perry admits that she’s not perfect, but she accepts herself and that’s all that matters.

A unique quality that Perry possess regarding her wardrobe is her vibrant choice of clothing items. Perry can make any color look incredible on her, whether it’s a neon pink bag or a bold, orange dress, Perry shows that she isn’t afraid of color.

Another unique characteristic of her style is that her personality reflects those vibrant colors. Perry has a wardrobe that can be describes as eccentric, eclectic and fun. Her bold personality illustrates that same three adjectives. Kudos Perry, for staying true to yourself with your personality and sense of style. It’s nice to see that from celebrities.

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry? Are you a lover or hater? I would love to read your comments on that, so leave one below. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and as always, I will talk to you all soon.


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