OOTD: Warm and Fuzzy Time of Year

photoHello there everyone and TGIF! Today I want to share an OOTD with you all considering it will be the first of many this year and I haven’t shared an outfit in a long time.

Today is a simple day regarding my outfit because it is freezing here in Buffalo, so I decided this outfit would be great to share for you all today.

If you want to see more photos of my outfits, make sure to like this post or leave a comment below so I know what you guys want to see more of on my blog.

Lets get started!


Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft: This sweater was a Christmas gift from my mamma. It’s very warm and comfortable. I love the knit-detailing on it and the boat neck, which I never owned before. You can purchase this sweater here for $69.5o. When my mom bought it all sweaters were 50% off, so she didn’t pay full-price. We love our deals.

Boots: Macy’s: These boots are by the brand B.Ø.C. and there were another Christmas gift I got this year. They were 40% off when my mom bought them. Again, we love good deals. You can purchase them here for $129.00. Unfortunately, they don’t have the taupe color that I own them in. Sorry!

Jeggings: Ann Taylor Loft: I have owned these jeggings for about a year now and I love them. The texture feels like velvet, they stretch perfectly to fit my curves and they’re different, which adds fun to any outfit. They are no longer on the Loft website, so I apologize for not linking them.

Scarf: Italy: Another gift I cannot link because my best friend bought this as part of my gift while she spent the holidays in Italy. Purple is one of my favorite colors, so props to my best friend for knowing me so well! I love that this scarf is bulky and soft for winter. It’s perfect for the cold days.

I hope you all enjoyed my OOTD post. Make sure you like or comment to let me know if I should post more of these throughout the year. I would appreciate it! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and as always, I will talk to you all soon.


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