Beauty Benefit: Coconut Oil

0002250600200_500X500Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic start to the week. Today I want to share a beauty benefit post featuring coconut oil. Yes, you heard me; I said coconut oil.

For those who don’t know, coconut oil has many beauty benefits for your hair, skin and more. I want to share some of the many tips you can use this product for.


1. Deep conditioner: Massage a few tablespoons of coconut oil into your hair and leave it overnight before rinsing.

2. Frizzy hair: Apply a tiny drop of coconut oil and rub it between your palms and smooth it throughout your hair to get rid of unwanted frizzy hair.


3. Scrub: Mix equal parts of sea salt and coconut oil for a healthy, all-natural body scrub.

4. Moisturizer: Combine equal parts of coconut oil and olive oil for an inexpensive moisturizer.

5. Shaving cream/After-shave lotion: Coconut oil will smooth hair follicles. This will help you achieve a smooth shave job and it won’t dry out your skin. Or, apply after your shave to fight razor burn.

6. Foot treatment: Fix dry feet by applying coconut oil over the problem area. Or, during a pamper evening, rub the oil on your feet, wear socks and hit the hay.


7. Face scrub: For those with oily skin, coconut oil is your new best friend. Mix equal parts of the oil and baking soda. This scrub will reveal your bright, oil-free skin.

8. Lip balm: Apply as a moisturizing balm for kissable lips.

9. Makeup remover: Gently massage coconut oil into your skin to remove your makeup. It’s an expensive way to clear your skin and get a natural glow. Plus, it doubles as a moisturizer. Score!

10. Acne: Mix coconut oil with nutmeg, leave on your blemish for 10 to 15 minutes, and wash off. Acne stands no match for this dynamic duo.


I hope you all enjoyed today’s beauty benefit post. Leave a comment below sharing your experience with coconut oil! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and as always, I will talk to you all soon.


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