Nail Polish Favorites: e.l.f.

photoHello and happy Tuesday! I hope you all are enjoying your week so far.

Today I want to share some of my nail polish favorites from my e.l.f. collection. It was difficult to narrow it down, but after a long internal battle, I have seven colors to share with you.

Make sure to leave a comment below telling me what your favorite colors have been for the wintertime. Also, have you ever tried e.l.f. nail polish? Do you like/dislike it? what’s your favorite nail polish brand? I’m a huge fan of essie, O.P.I., and China Glaze.

The colors are listed starting from left to right according to the photo:

Purple Pleaser: The perfect wine-colored polish for a girls night out.

Love Me: A glittery, red polish that will add any sparkle to winter-colored nails.

Smokin’ Hot: Show off your confidence with an in-your-face color that will be sure to attract attention.

Wedding Bells: A simple, nude shade for the girls who love a feminine, classy polish.

Purple Dream: Deep hues of plum and indigo create a gorgeous color for a dramatic look.

Gina Girl: Add some sparkle with this violet, glittery polish when you want to look and feel your best.

Gold Star: Shine brighter than the star with this one-of-a-kind color that will reflect your inner superstar.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post on a look into my nail polish favorites. Enjoy the rest of your day and as always, I will talk to you all soon.


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