Summer Workout Routine

spinning_roomHello everyone, happy Saturday, and I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far!

Today I want to share an updated routine of what I like to do to workout during the summertime. This was a request from a follower on Twitter (@BeyondBorders27, make sure to check out her blog)!

If anyone else has blog post requests, make sure to follow my Twitter account @BlissBrunette and send me any requests you have. I’ll make sure to write them all.

My summer workout routine does differ from other months because I workout outside as much as possible. The only workout indoors I incorporate in my routine is attending spinning classes for 75 minutes, three days a week at my local gym. I love this because it really pushes me to do better each class. If you’re an athlete or a competitive person, I definitely recommend it.

Another workout I love, especially during summer, is walking. My puppy, Myia, just turned one earlier this month and she loves walking. So, I try to take her as often as I can (normally four days a week for 30 minutes).

If I have a busy day, I’ll follow YouTube workout videos, which I wrote a separate post about in April. (Link here for anyone who’s interested.) And I still go for a walk on the days I am busy because it’s a great way to relax and ease any stress.

Another workout I love in summer is hiking and swimming. There are a few hiking trails where I live and it’s nice to get outside and hike for two to three hours at a time with friends. After, I’ll swim laps in my pool for 30 minutes to cool off while still getting a workout. I’ll only do this when I have an extensive amount of time.

Finally, I love stretching because it’s important for your body if you’re active. Yoga or Pilates are great ways to stretch your body and relax your mind. You can find thousands of yoga videos on YouTube. I normally follow 15-minute videos, which you can do outside or inside depending on what you prefer.

What are some of your favorite ways to workout during the summertime? Are you a gym junkie, or do you love working out outside? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and enjoy the rest of your day today. As always, I will talk to you all soon.


2 thoughts on “Summer Workout Routine

  1. I’m always too nervous to try a spinning class because i’ve heard they’re so hard! I love yoga though and I wish I had a pool to swim in! xx

    • Spinning is definitely challenging (but in a good way, I promise)! you’ll feel sore the morning after, but after a few classes, you’re really see a difference in your body. Especially if you’re working on your legs and abs, this is a great class to try! Enjoy:)

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