Product Review: Naked 0% by Herbal Essences

photoHello everyone and happy Sunday (Mother’s Day for my bloggers in the U.S.) Like this post if you’re celebrating with your mom today!

Today I want to share a product review of two Herbal Essences products: the Naked 0% volume shampoo and conditioner. I first saw this at my local market a month ago and knew it would be a set I had to try. I love Herbal Essences products and I knew there would be a good chance I would like it.

Like if you love Herbal Essences!

The 0% refers to the lack of parabens in the shampoo and conditioner. I like that this is a simple, refreshing set with natural ingredients that won’t harm your hair. Also, I love that it contains white grapefruit and mint extracts because it creates a delicious scent that is appealing to different tastes.

Although the products are lightweight formulas, they still create incredible volume to your hair after a shower. I need extra boost with volume and these products work great if you want extra lift in your hair.

Finally, I have noticed that I can go two full days before rewashing my hair, which is shocking because I have naturally oily roots. I have been washing my hair every other day. Now, I can occasionally go two days without washing my hair before I rewash it. Having a product that provides a clean feeling for two to three days is incredible. So, if you struggle with oily roots, I recommend these!

What has been your hair shampoo and conditioner combination at the moment? Make sure to tweet me @BlissBrunette if you have any blog post requests.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and as always, I will talk to you all soon.


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