Review: The perfector by Sephora

photoHello everyone and happy Wednesday. I hope you all are enjoying your week so far.

Today I want to share a review of The perfector: airbrush sponge by Sephora for $12, which is very inexpensive for a quality applicator for face makeup. It’s great if you want a professional, stippling effect because it has a pointed end for extra definition and reaching small corners. And, I love the bright, bold summer colors: hot pink and sunflower yellow.

I am shocked that I love this product because I don’t apply face makeup with a sponge. I bought this as a stepping stone to purchasing the original beauty blender, which I’ve read/watched positive reviews about. But, it’s more expensive than the airbrush sponge. Make sure to tweet @BlissBrunette  if you have any positive comments about other sponge applicators or the original beauty blender!

Packaging: (10/10) It’s small, compact and can easily fit in a daily makeup bag, whereas brushes you need to keep separate and clean frequently.And the bright colors are gorgeous and stand out in your makeup bag so it’s easy to find.

Quality: (8/10) Distributes makeup evenly on skin and neck. Cleans easily and can be easily transported for those who travel often.

Application: (8/10) Although it applies an even amount of product on my skin, it does take a little longer to pat the sponge all over my face and neck. If it were a little bigger, this would be an issue.

Price: (10/10) $12 is a steal, just saying.

Convenience: (10/10) To clean this sponge, just rise under lukewarm water and squeeze until the makeup rises out. Pat sponge on a paper towel to remove excess water.

Leave a comment if you have tried this product or have a positive review of the original beauty blender! I’m hoping to purchase one in the future, so the more reviews, the better! Enjoy the rest of your day and as always, I will talk to you all soon!


3 thoughts on “Review: The perfector by Sephora

  1. I’ve been really curious about these for a while now! I have the Beauty Blender, but I really don’t want to have to pay so much money to replace it, so I’ve been looking for alternatives. Did you use The Perfecter wet or dry?

    Thanks for the review!


    • I damped it slightly with lukewarm water, and applied concealer and bb cream. I think it’s great because it’s only $12, but I’m sure the quality of the beauty blender does make up for the price. I do think it’s a great, easy alternative.

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