Adventures in Italy!

Hello everyone and happy Monday! Today I want to share some pictures of adventures I’ve had while studying abroad in Italy. I wanted to share two of my top favorite places that I have traveled to since coming abroad over two weeks ago.

Tweet me @BlissBrunette if you have any places in Italy I should visit before I go! I’ve been to Perugia, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Orvieto, Bagnoregio, Capri, Pompei, Sorrento and Naploi. I also plan to travel to LaVerna, Cortona, Siena and Venice. Let me know what other places you have in mind! I’d love to check them out!

photo 1 copyphoto 3 copyphoto 4 copy

The first four images are from a past trip I took last weekend to Bagnoregio, which is a small municipality in the Province of Viterbo! The hike up to the high-tip city has spectacular views with tons of beautiful flowers. It was similar to something from a movie. So far, Bagnoregio ranked second on my favorite places to visit while in Italy. Although you cross a small bridge on a steep incline, the beauty from the top is worth the pain. At least you’re getting a workout while traveling!

photo 5photo 1photo 3

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to travel south to Pompei, Sorrento, Capri and Napoli. I would argue that Capi was by far the BEST place I have visited while studying abroad. Capri is a gorgeous, small island, and only a 15-minute ferry ride from the coast of Italy. The beaches are beautiful and the options from food, shopping or touring the island are endless. I was lucky enough to take a two-hour boat tour of the island, while visiting the famous Blue Grotto (second image from right above). The views from the island were all stunning. I only hope to go back someday in the future. If you want a beautiful experience of all things wonderful, plan your next vacation to this island.

I hope you all enjoyed some of my adventures in Italy while studying abroad Like this post if you want more pictures of previous/future adventures! I’d love to share them all with you guys. Enjoy your day and I will talk to you all Wednesday.


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