Italy beauty and fashion haul

photo 2Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! I hope you all are enjoying the week.

Today I want to share a mini beauty and fashion haul from the shopping I did last weekend in Florence and Siena. I was excited because I received recommendations from bloggers to try makeup products from KIKO. Like this post if you are a fan of KIKO!

I fell in love with KIKO and could have purchased a lot more than I did, but I wanted to try and save money for future shopping trips this weekend.

I purchased two items from KIKO: one lipstick and a roll-on perfume. The smart lipstick is a gorgeous watermelon color (shade 911) and I love that it’s subtle and sheer, but you can intensify the color for a more dramatic look if you prefer. I don’t know if this is a common with KIKO lip products, but the lipstick itself smells INCREDIBLE! Honestly, it smells like sugar cookies and I’m in love.

The roll-on perfume was one of three choices from their Life in Rio collection. I purchased Yellow, which contains both vanilla and orchid. There is a strong scent of floral, but it’s muted by the vanilla to create a soft, appealing perfume.

I also purchased a pair of pants and a top from Siena. The top is a simple, white top with beautiful detailing around the neckline and the pants are black and have a pink and blue floral pattern on them. Make sure to check out my Twitter @BlissBrunette to see exclusive pictures of the clothes I purchased in Siena!

The material on both the top and the pants a lightweight, so it’ll be perfect for the warmer days of summer. They were both under 13 euros because they were on sale! You all know how much I love a good deal.

I hope you all enjoyed my mini beauty and fashion haul on some of the purchases I’ve made while in Italy. Tweet me @BlissBrunette to let me know if you have any other makeup products I should during my last ten days in Italy.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk to you all Friday!


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