Beach Day Beauty Essentials

photo 2Hello everyone and happy Monday, I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend (for any bloggers living in the states).

Today I want to share my beach day beauty essentials for days spent at lake or pool to relax and work on that summer glow.

Of course, aside from a bathing suit, flip flops and a towel, there are a few extra items I like to have on hand whether I’m in my backyard or at the beach. Tweet me @BlissBrunette to tell me your beauty essentials.

Water (and snacks): Dehydration, sun poisoning or heat stroke are never fun! Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day and bring a water bottle or two.

Magazines: This isn’t a “beauty” essential, but reading material is an essential anytime I lay out at the pool or beach. As much as I love to sleep outside in the sun, I prefer to spend my time reading a book or magazine to keep myself occupied.

Lip Balm: I am obsessed with my owl lip balms. This strawberry flavor is good enough to eat! It’s important to keep your lips moisturized while bathing in the sun.

Cleansing Towelettes: I normally use these to remove my makeup at night, but I’ll pack a travel-sized version to bring along when I feel sweaty and sticky from the water, sand and heat. I love this brand from Burt’s Bees because they’re inexpensive and work well on your body.

Sunscreen/Lotion: I don’t burn (ever) but after getting sun poisoning and heat stroke in Rome, I never plan to go without sunscreen photo 1again. Even though I don’t burn, my skin felt horrible from the intense heat. I also pack regular lotion for a nice scent throughout the day. I have been loving French Lavender & Honey from Bath & Body Works.

Hair ties: It’s annoying to have your hair hanging in your face at the beach, especially in the breezy air with the sand. I love that these don’t leave creases in my hair when I take them out.

Sunglasses: I don’t know how anyone can lay out without sunglasses. I can’t with contacts because my eyes are naturally more sensitive, so sunglasses are a must-have item during summertime.

And, of course, you need a beautiful beach bag to put everything in. Pick your go-to beach bag for all your essentials.

Make sure to let me know what your beach day beauty essentials are by leaving a comment below or tweeting to me. Enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk to you all Wednesday.


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