Fashion Inspiration: Fuschia


Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! I hope you are all enjoying the week so far. Today I want to share a color trend that I have been obsessing over recently and an outfit I created to show the beauty of this color. Fuschia can be incorporated in your makeup, accessories or clothes. However you decide to rock this color, make sure to add your confident smile before your leave the house.

I created this outfit, which focuses mainly on navy blue hues with fuschia details. I love the simplicity of the plaid, button-down top and jeans because it will show off the bright, bold fuschia shoes. For accessories, I added a neutral statement necklace and a fuschia, crossbody bag. Finally, for makeup, I have a simple look aside from the bold lip color. It’s a unique take on fuschia because it has light tones of pink and lilac to soften the color. An accent color I used in this beauty category is teal for nail polish. Teal and fuschia are two colors that create drama to your beauty routine because they equally bold, statement colors.

I think this outfit works perfectly for someone who doesn’t want to commit to a bold, fashion item like a dress or top, but is looking to test out the trend subtly. If you want to amp up your love for this color, simply wear a fuschia dress to create a statement. It also works great as a transition color as we move past summer and into fall within the next few months.

What color trend have you been loving recently? I’d love to read what you all love, so make sure to leave a comment below or tweet me @BlissBrunette.


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