Tips and tricks for weight loss

82d3b5157f9a7c3a598f2bcfdff50e94With back-to-school season approaching, it’s time to get my health and fitness schedule on track. Although this summer was, without a doubt, the best experience of my life, I wish I could have been healthier. However, I forgive myself and I’m ready for a lifestyle change. Like this post if you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle!

Here are five tips that are the perfect stepping stones to a healthier lifestyle. If you have a special tip you found has worked, please leave in the comments or tweet me @BlissBrunette! I love learning new ideas from others.

Start small: Make one positive shift every week, instead of overwhelming yourself with a several changes at once. Once you see how easy it is to make the changes, you’ll stick to them and continue your journey.
Find Your Muse: I believe that motivation and inspiration are the two key elements for positive lifestyle changes. When you get serious about your long-term goals, it will keep you committed to your new, healthy lifestyle.762e7e8cef8bb4952f23f43c8c7e163d
Create consistency: Remember, this isn’t a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s important to have a schedule for yourself for meal planning, workouts, etc. After 21 days (the amount of days it takes to stick with a healthy habit) you’re life changes will stay for good.
Mix up your diet and workouts:  Keep on trying new group fitness classes, cardio machines, and different styles of exercise. When you find that one activity that’s fun and makes the time go by, you know you’ve met your match. The same can be said for food. Having a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy protein will help maintain with your healthy life.
Have compassion for yourself: Don’t be hard on yourself after eating a food you consider “bad” or “unhealthy.” Simply forgive yourself, and move on. Being kind to yourself allows you to bounce back and stay on track. You will also skip the downward spiral of a day (or week) filled with bad food.
c63e5c6fc6919a2addc8bd8e2df9230ePicture the new you: Create a healthy, vision board filled with motivational quotes and inspirational pictures. This will help you recognize what your dreams look like for your future self. Put it somewhere that you will be able to see it everyday.

I hope you found some motivation or inspiration with these weight loss tips that stick. If you’re planning to lose weight, or create a healthy lifestyle for yourself, following these tips will help you reach your fitness goals.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk to you on Monday!


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