Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Sweater weather is the best kind of weather!

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for fall. I’m currently writing my ultimate fall bucket list. Like this post if you want to know what’s on my fall bucket list! Needless to say, I can’t wait for pumpkin flavored everything for the next few months.

I want to share a go-to, chic and comfy outfit you can wear this season. I have a few staples in my wardrobe during fall including:

1.Oversized sweaters: Whether you love button-down cardigans, boyfriend hoodies, or classic-knit sweaters, make sure to expand your collection this season for a variety of comfort as the temperature begins to cool down.

2. Leggings: People say leggings are a “white girl “staple, but hey, they’re comfortable and allow you to look presentable even though you could secretly sleep in your outfit. Besides, we all need a break from wearing jeans everyday.

3. Riding boots: Yet another staple that I wear everyday in fall.  These can easily dress up your outfit this season with very little effort. Not to mention your feet will stay warm during the change in weather.

4. Fall-inspired makeup: For me, “fall-inspired” makeup means focusing on dark, bold colors like plum, wine, berry, etc. I love looking for deep-colored nail polish and lip colors to try during fall. Experiment and find what you love!

5. Simple accessories: I try to keep my accessories simple and limited during fall. Why deal with weather that will get your hair caught in your earrings, or damage dainty necklaces? Opt for a go-to backpack and some bangles for a sophisticated touch.

And, of course, the most obvious necessity for fall is a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks! I hope you all enjoyed today’s post on fall fashion. Hopefully, you are all looking forward to a new season. Enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk to you on Friday!


3 thoughts on “Fall Fashion

  1. Thats pretty much all I wear during Autumn! love that jumper where is it from?

    I posted my fashion wishlist for the upcoming season over on my blog loveonceuponadream.blogspot.ie if you want to check it out 🙂


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