Fall Fashion: Rad & Plaid

Fall Fashion

What’s great about fall fashion is the diversity of outfits you can create without wearing the same trend everyday. The possibilities are endless during the season.

One of my favorite colors to wear throughout September, October and November is burgundy, which was the inspiration behind this outfit. Whether you wear burgundy in your outfit or accessories, make sure to show this color some love this fall.

Two trends I wear without fail throughout the season are booties and button-down shirts. Short boots are great because they give the impression you’re dressed up, but they’re also incredibly comfortable, which makes them a college-friendly staple when walking around on campus. Button-downs are a must have as a college student. You can easily wear them with jeans or leggings and stay comfortable while studying in the library or going to class. I paired my plaid button-down with boyfriend jeans because the distressed denim gives off the stereotypical chic look.

Another great addition to any fall outfit are black and gold accessories. I love finding this color combination in my jewelery, it’s both classic and cool. If you’re not a fan of jewelery, try adding a black and gold scarf, black beanie, or a goal bag to complete your look.

What are your all-time favorite trends to wear during fall? Share in the comments below or tweet me @BlissBrunette! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk to you on Friday!


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