Beauty tricks using Vaseline

vaseline-450x450_tcm72-298021I’m always on the lookout for specific products that can be used for multiple purposes. Vaseline is one of those products that can be used for many different beauty hacks. What’s great is that you can buy a large container for pennies at a drugstore. This multi-purpose product will make big changes in your beauty routine.

1. Eye makeup remover: If you want an inexpensive makeup remover that won’t be harsh on your eyes, Vaseline is the perfect option. Simply place some on a cotton pad and gently remove eye makeup.

2. Eyelash conditioner: Conditioning your lashes with Vaseline has a lot of benefits, especially for those looking to strengthen them for bold eyelashes. Use a cotton swap and using a mascara-applying motion to cover your lashes.

3. Hide split ends: In between hair cuts, rub a bit of Vaseline in your hair to protect it if split ends begin to show. This is keep your hair looking polished between salon visits.

4. Cream blush: Apply Vaseline with your favorite lip color to create the perfect crème blush for your cheeks. Vaseline isn’t harsh on skin, so you’ll have a mini moisturizer and blush in one.

5. Perfume treatment: Dab Vaseline on the spots you plan to spray perfume before you leave the house. Vaseline has properties that along the product to last longer throughout the day.

If you have another beauty trick using Vaseline, make sure to share your tips in the comments or tweet me @BlissBrunette. I hope you all enjoy your day and I will talk to you on Wednesday.


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