Guest Blogging

Hi everyone and happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.

The last week has been crazy with three guest blogging opportunities I’ve received from some wonderful bloggers! Today’s post will explain my upcoming posts on their blogs with you.

Today, I have a guest blog post featured on Leather & Lipstick by Kelsey Vickers. The post, titled, “How to De-Stress Your Life” tells you some simple ways to take the stress out of your life. Make sure to check out these tips here on Leather & Lipstick! you can follow her Twitter @VickersKelsey

Tomorrow, I will have a second guest blog post features on Sasha, which features beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. I wrote a blog post featuring titled, “The beauty Benefits of Honey.” The post will go live tomorrow on October 7. Make sure to check out Sasha Hope on Twitter @SashHope.

The third guest blogging opportunity I had is with Ana Gusso on First Time Her blog features different traveling experiences around the world. Sometime this week or early next week, I will have a post titled, “Beauty and Fashion Traveling Essentials.” Make sure to follow Ana on Twitter @Gusso_Ana.

Thank you to these three lovely bloggers for giving me the opportunity to write for their blogs! I hope you all enjoy my upcoming posts, and I will talk to you on Wednesday.


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