Favorite fall lipstick colors


I love experimenting with lip colors during fall! Here are some of the colors that I can’t lie without this season:

top left: Sexy Game (#12): Having a neutral pink is a necessity for fall. I love that this color is subtle but still buildable.

bottom left: The Red (#04): Red lipstick will never go out of style. Opt for a deeper red this season for a bold upgrade.

top right: Truth or Dare (#41): A dark purple is perfect for those who want to try a unique, fall color.

bottom right: Mr. Lover (#10): This bold, fuchsia lipstick will brighten any fall date you have this season.

All lipsticks are the Rogue Cream lipstick from Sephora.com for $12.50.

What are your favorite fall lipstick colors for this season? Make sure to leave a comment below or tweet them to @BlissBrunette. I hope you all enjoy your day and I will talk to you on Wednesday.


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